The Glass Heap Challenge: upcycling glass masterclass by Matt Duran @ the Dutch Design Week 2014. Including pictures from a collaboration by Jan Giliam and Daniel Gaemperle (CH).
img_3995 img_3998 img_3999 img_4003 img_4013 img_4018 img_4020 img_4034 img_4037 img_4041 img_4049 img_4055 img_4074 img_4080 img_4082 img_4084 img_4090 img_4093 img_4094 img_4096 img_4099 img_4102 img_4110 img_4127 img_4152 img_4158 img_4163 img_4168 img_4170 img_4194 img_4195 img_4196 img_4202 img_4227 img_4234 img_4260 img_4261 img_4263 img_4270 img_4281 img_4282 img_4283 img_4293 img_4299 img_4302 img_4303 img_4305 img_4308 img_4333 img_4343 img_4373 img_4384 img_4418 img_4421 img_4424 img_4428